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I just purchased a new vehicle over the weekend. I have been researching for some time about what to buy and I was confused more than you can imagine. I don’t stay up to date with the latest news about cars. I am a 45 year old mother of 6 and simply don’t have the time to be reading up on cars. I had a Toyota Camry before but now that the family has grown, I needed a bigger vehicle.

I ended up buying a Ford Flex. It has a ton of room inside it. I feel like it has more space than our old Chevy SUV had. I decided to go with this model over the Ford Edge, because the insurance company assured me that I would pay a cheaper auto insurance rate if I had the Flex. I am not sure why, but I took their advice and went with the Flex.

It has a beautiful design and it is even better in person. Mine has the wood trim on the dash along with the black leather, just like the pictures on Ford’s website. Personally, I always prefer to go with leather in a vehicle. It is something about it that I find comforting. I have seen people say that leather eventually forms a dent in the seat and it needs to be replaced, but I have never experienced this so I don’t know what to say about that.

For the exterior color, I decided to go with Ingot Silver. I have owned black colored cars in the past and although I do enjoy them, I wanted to try silver out since it is a nice color for a vehicle. So far I have been quite pleased with the decision. Silver doesn’t show dirt like a white car does, but it is more brighter than its black counterpart.

You don’t see a lot of large vehicles where I live, but I am glad that my Tennessee auto insurance policy is now costing me less than it used to. It was time for a new vehicle anyways and I am thankful for the fact that the insurance company helped me out. Maybe they have some sort of statistical data about this vehicle being safer for families, it’s hard to say.

If I hadn’t of talked to the insurance company, I don’t know what I would have bought. I need a bigger vehicle because of the size of my family so it had to be a SUV or a van. I like the look of the crossover type vehicles, so I have a feeling that is why I went with the Flex.

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