Olive oil a trigger for ulcerative colitis? healthcool

Olive oil a trigger for ulcerative colitis?  healthcool

Olive oil a trigger for ulcerative colitis?

I am totally convinced that my ulcerative colitis is related to some type of reaction to olive oil. About 20 years ago I developed a horrible and persistent skin rash over my neck and shoulders when it was mistakenly used as a massage oil; and my first attack of UC in 1996 occurred just after returning from a holiday in Mexico, when olives or olive oil seemed to be present in almost every meal. Having made the connection (i.e. if olive oil produced a bad skin reaction, couldn’t it also do the same thing to my gut?), I put the medication (Prednisolone and Mesalazine) I had been prescribed aside, and the attack subsided very quickly just on an olive-free diet. I have strenuously tried to avoid the stuff ever since, although its growing popularity makes that a bit difficult – have even seen some misguided chefs on TV using it in Thai-style food, in which it is totally unsuited. Apart from two minor incidents, both connected with unknowingly eating small amounts of food subsequently found to have been laced with olive oil, I have remained disease-free over the past 11 years.

However, a few months ago I inadvertently ate a heavily-impregnated olive oil meal at a friends’s place (she had forgotten about my "weird olive phobia": few people take it seriously – since everybody knows that "olive oil is so good for you" – aaarrggh!!) and over the next few days developed very severe UC. This time the attack was so bad I became extremely anaemic (Hb 72), so have submitted to treatment with Preds etc until it resolves.

My medico says he won’t rule out the concept of olive oil as a potential trigger for UC – at least in my own case – but says he hasn’t heard of any other cases like mine. So my Q is: has anyone else with UC noticed any similar connection – either with olive oil or any other similar foods? Any comments will be much appreciated.

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