Sleep, Don’t Take it For Granted

Sleep, Don’t Take it For Granted
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Traveling is a lot of fun! People often look forward-to and plan extensively for a travel excursion. With so much energy and effort devoted to traveling, it makes sense for people to also consider certain health issue so their travels are both safe and enjoyable.

The most overlooked issues people encounter when traveling is insomnia

Sleep is critical to someone’s ability to function and enjoy themselves. Travel can disturb sleep. There are many factors associated with traveling that can disrupt or prevent sleep:

  • Changing time-zones
  • sleeping in unfamiliar rooms
  • sleeping on a new or uncomfortable mattress
  • radical changes to sleep patterns
  • hectic schedules

Nothing will ruin or adversely effect a business trip or vacation quicker than insomnia. But, if certain precautions and activities are taken, the likelihood of suffering from insomnia while traveling can be greatly reduced. When traveling, don’t make the mistake of not making sleep a priority. If you attempt to pack too many activities into one day, you may not be able to unwind enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Make Time for Sleep

For Travelers, part of making sleep a priority involves adjusting their sleep patterns prior to leaving on a trip. If you are traveling over multiple time zones it is often helpful to start adjusting your body to a new time-clock prior to leaving on your trip. Another common cause of insomnia is the consumption of too much caffeine or alcohol. Both caffeine and alcohol are drugs, and they can have a profound effect on your ability to rest peacefully. When traveling your schedule will be disrupted, but if you maintain some continuity it can often help prevent insomnia. For example, if you are a person who regularly exercises and while you are on vacation you abruptly stop exercising, this can lead to a bout of insomnia.

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