group health insurance and self employed Articles

group health insurance and self employed Articles

Small-group market numbers dropping (BizJournals)
The size of Colorado''s small-group health insurance market has declined for four straight years -- a sign, experts say, employers still are struggling to provide coverage, despite moves to make it more affordable.

Small-Business Experts Available to Discuss Health-Care Cost Crisis (U.S. Newswire via Yahoo! News)
This week, as Cover the Uninsured Week brings the faces of the uninsured to the forefront, there 27 million working people who are uninsured, and 63 percent of them are either self-employed or work for a small business that has less than 100 employees (based on EBRI data calculated by NFIB).

Medical costs prove a burden even for some with insurance ( via Yahoo! News)
Think your health insurance has you covered? Think again. Even insured workers can find themselves on the hook for thousands of dollars, often at a time when illness has decreased their income.

UICI Announces First Quarter 2005 Results of Operations (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
UICI , a leader in the health insurance market for self- employed individuals, today reported first quarter 2005 results of operations.

Board candidates give views (Monroe Evening News)
Following is information about the candidates in contested races on the 13 area school boards. Longtime incumbent Elaine Hollister is not seeking re-election this year. The other incumbent, James M. Geiermann, is being challenged by Allen J. Burger, John A. Griffith and Patricia A. Malvitz.

Convicted broker sues practice for breach of contract (Berkshire Eagle)
PITTSFIELD -- A former Williamstown insurance broker awaiting sentencing on federal fraud charges has filed a suit accusing a local medical practice of trumping up separate forgery allegations in an attempt to wriggle out of a contract.

Legislative candidates respond to issues questions (Rapid City Journal)
Voters statewide will elect senators and representatives to the South Dakota Legislature in their respective districts. Each of South Dakota''s 35 legislative districts elects one senator and two at-large House members, except for District 28 in northwestern South Dakota.

Employers, beware of health insurance scams (Westchester County Business Journal)
According to a 2004 U.S. Govern-ment Accountability Office (GAO) study, some 15,000 employers fell victim to health insurance scams between 2000 and 2002. The scam artists, who target mostly small and medium-sized companies, collect premiums and may even pay some claims before simply disappearing, leaving employees with uncovered medical bills and employers to deal with the wreckage in their

Staying healthy will save money (
While I can''t help you deal with the soaring price of gasoline, maybe some of these suggestions will help you cope with health-care expenses. Get a second opinion.

Web calculators can help you plan for retirement, but be careful (Jewish World Review) (KRT) They''re all over the Web - financial calculators that help figure how much you need to save for retirement. But do they provide good advice?