Armchair Diplomat

Armchair Diplomat

Well. The end of the first week.

It’s been a trial of sorts. And a lot of jogging. But not necessarily bad.

So, the background: I bought a Wii a week ago, and decided to set an experiment. The rules for this are simple:

  1. Using the WiiFit, I’d do 30 minutes a day.
  2. Every day, I’d measure my weight (using the built in Body Test).
  3. Try and clean up my diet a little (cutting out the ridiculously bad foods… but nothing too taxing).
  4. Chart the results.

Okay, here’s the lowdown. My house bought a Wii. With Wiifit. We also bought Mini Ninjas, the new Harry Potter game, and Link’s Crossbow Training.

Now after Matt has gotten blind drunk for science, I too must put myself through grief and pain in the name of Armchair Diplomat. Hence I offer unto you, our readers, a story; me putting myself through an exercise regime and writing about it.

I’m planning to do the following. Consider this a manifesto, perhaps…

The device in question.
The device in question.
  1. I will do approx. 30 minutes of WiiFit a day. I’ll mix up the different activities (yoga, balance games, cardio, and muscle).
  2. If I find 30 minutes not enough, I’ll do more as I see fit. But 30 mins at a minimum.
  3. I may mix in a little WiiSports, but to be honest, only the boxing game will offer any cardio work. So maybe some of that.
  4. In 2 months, I’d like to lose 10kg. That is just over a kilo a week. Achievable? I think its 1.3-1.4 kg a week.
  5. In case I cannot achieve 1.4kg a week, I am happy to extend it to three months (still putting me in time for summer).