BeHappyMakeup Natural Skincare Mission

BeHappyMakeup Natural Skincare Mission

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This past June, I was fortunate enough to be let in on what at the time felt like a secret little hideaway while visiting Cabo San Lucas. In the most random way possible, my husband and I were told to visit Flora Farms, not much additional information was given to us besides – the journey there might get a little bumpy.

Part of me hesitates to say much more about Flora Farms, because the surprise factor that my husband and I experienced was a large part of the fun BUT the whole entire experience was so inspiring that I want to share and of course, as is fair, I’ll leave some details out to allow the experience to sweep you off your feet too if you ever find yourself there.

Flora Farms is a farm that grows the most unbelievable fragrant, colorful, and juicy fruits, vegetables and herbs. We were taken on a tour of the grounds (a must) and were gob smacked by the produce that after only a few years seems to flourish under very hot, very dry conditions with very little breeze. As we were shown around the grounds, it became clear that with a lot of care, love and knowledge of the soil one could turn a desolate landscape into something magnificent. We were told on the tour that much of what we were about to eat at dinner was sustainably farmed on the property, and as our hunger grew so did our curiosity about the founders of this paradise. Turns out an American couple had a vision years ago, simply to grow a farm. One of the founders I believe is an architect, which explains how the flowers, trees, crops, restaurant and stores seem to blend into each other forming what can only be described as my idea of utopia.

On to the food… I swear, if the food was mediocre or even bad I would still say to a nature enthusiast Flora Farms is worth the trip. On the contrary though, the food was beyond incredible. You could taste the freshness, the dedication, the absolute devotion to making everything look, taste and smell perfect. We ended up ordering two starters, two main courses and a dessert. Each dish was as vibrant as the next, and tastier than one could imagine. Check out just a few of the photos that we took while there, and guess what? Shortly after returning back we began planting our own little crops, an ode to a delightful evening which will remain with us forever.