Diet vs Lifestyle Healthy Eating Renewed

Diet vs Lifestyle  Healthy Eating Renewed

Deception strikes again. Money first, Health second!!! →

Posted on December 13, 2010 by Bill Thibodeau

I am a firm believer that all illnesses and disease can be prevented or reversed with simple life style changes. Diet is usually temporary were life style is for the long haul. The majority of people usually think the can go on a diet for a month, loose weight and then resort back to old habits with hope that the weight they lost will stay off for good. This is never the case and you are always set up for failure. If you make small life style changes, over time you will see the results. these changes are usually permanent and something you would follow life long. Your body knows the difference, and if you fall off the wagon for a bit, you can always jump back on and follow the  life style changes you made. Their is so many different diets, trends, and advice on how to eat that it can be very over whelming. Stop counting calories, carbs, fat, ect.  Its good to know or have an idea of how much carb, fat, and calories something has but not to obsessively count them. Following tips or simple guidlines are more effective. Ok, if you want to get on track today, incoparate these simple changes today. I will go into more detail on future posts.

Every thing you drink should be non caloric(no sweeteners added). Kill the soda, juice, and high sugar energy drinks. Pure fresh water w/lemon is a great alternative. Add a packet of stevia to sweeten(no calories). Craving soda, use seltzer water with this mix.  High fructose corn syrup should be your worst enemy!!!

Educate your self about EFAs(Essential Fatty Acids). Fat is not bad, its the type of fat that’s bad. Most people know that trans fats are dangerous these day, but read the label to see if their is partially hydrogenated oil. Manufactures are only required to be under 0.5 grams in order to label it trans fat free. Cook with olive(light heat) or coconut oil. Most heated oils go rancid at high temps. Butter is OK too, but pasteurization could be a problem for some. I will cover this on another post. Nuts, their butters, avocados, seeds are all good sources of fat.

Learn to cook and prepare your food at home. This is one of the most importing changes you can make. It gives you full control of how your food is prepared and you know where it came from.

Use the 80/20 rule! Try to aim eat your food raw and unprocessed 80% of the time. Organic if possible. 20% of the time your food can be cooked. This looks hard at first,  but once you start preparing your meals at home it becomes much easier.

Try to visit a farmers market and buy locally. This inst available in everyone’s community, but do some research online and find one that’s close to you.

Educate your self about the meat you buy. Grass-fed vs grain-fed, at the bare minimum, try to purchase meat that is anti biotic free without growth hormones. I highly recommend the following films: Food Inc.,The Future of Food, Super Size Me

That’s it. Hopefully these tips help put you on the right track.

For more advice on how to get started living healthy, visit Dieting Demystified! Their is some great programs on this site that really work! All of them focus on lifestyle changes instead of temporary diets. I recommend checking out the Diet Solution Program! Its one of my favorites. Whether you choose to follow one of these programs or not, remember to incorporate the above tips and you will be on your way to improved health!

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Deception strikes again. Money first, Health second!!! →

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Deception strikes again. Money first, Health second!!!