To Plyometric or Not To Plyometric

To Plyometric or Not To Plyometric

Well – my straight forward answer is this : Plyometric exercises are a special type of physical training to improve sports performance, speed and strength. Can it help achieve your fitness goals?….why yes, indeed it may help you on your journey to lose more body fat.

Personally I LOVE to add Plyometrics into resistance based routines to help raise the heart rate and burn more calories during my workout.

Movements are usually explosive including jumping and bounding – sounds fun right? It is! As well as burning some calories and fat, your plyometrics can also improve the functions of your body’s nervous system.

If you’ve never attempted plyometric exercises before, I would suggest you seek out a good Personal Fitness Trainer who can help you work through some movements because it can stress the joints and connective tissues, particularly with a person who isn’t used to fitness training. Here are some other tips for you to take note of if you start using a plyometric program:

1) Ensure that you have done some resistance / strength training for several months. If you have some muscle mass on your skeleton, your nervous system, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints will be conditioned accordingly.

2) If you feel pain STOP! – that’s it, pure and simple. Plyometrics, as mentioned, are very specific exercises. They are not to be attempted again if pain is felt.

3) Seek out a trainer to help you learn some basic plyometric moves. Even if you’ve been working out ‘for years’!… please get a professional’s advice on embarking on this type of workout.

And finally, please seek a doctors advice before commencing a new exercise program.