Welcome to the official webpage of Sentech Corporation!

Welcome to the official webpage of Sentech Corporation!



SenTech Corporation, located in University Park, PA, is focused on the development and application of new sensor technologies.

SenTech Corporations primary focus is in the development of wireless biomedical sensors, such as the Magnetoelastic Gastric pH sensors, and inexpensive disposable Smart-tube sensors used for characterizing the chemical components in saliva. SenTech is also developing sensor networks able to diagnose the chemical composition of aqueous environments.

Another product of SenTech Corporation is the film permeameter,capable of measuring the complex permeability of anisotropic thin films.

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Biosensors Division

Product #S0024: Magnetoelastic Gastric pH Sensors

SenTech is developing remote query magnetoelastic microsensors for use in monitoring gastric pH for diagnosis of gastroeshophageal reflux (GERD).

The wireless, passive magnetoelastic microsensors, coated with a mass changing pH responsive polymer, enable pH measurement from a passive sensor costing but a few cents. The easily placed sensor is monitored by a vest the patient wears which contains all needed electronics and data logging memory.

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Product #S0053: Magnetoelastic Smart Tube Sensors

Magnetoelastic sensors have a sensitivity comparable to SAW devices, and cost approximately 1000 times less making disposable use quite practical. Currently SenTech Corporation is developing ''smart-tubes,'' disposable medical grade tubing integrated with magnetoelastic microsensor arrays enabling determination of chemical analyte concentrations in either liquid (e.g. saliva) or gas (exhaled breath).

Product #S0079: Low-Power Sensor Network

Sensor network consists of a number of nodes (as shown in the picture above) distributing within the area of interest. Since the collected sensor data is transmitted to a host PC (for user interface) using other nodes as relays via radio signals, this technology allows wide area monitoring with a low power requirement. The operation of the node is controlled by a microcontroller, and is capable of interfacing with commercially available sensors such as temperature, magnetic field, pH, and chemical sensors. Our company is currently improving the performance of this technology to reduce power requirement and cost.

Product #S0082: Aqueous Sensor Network

The operation of the aqueous sensor network is similar to the sensor network (Product S0079), however the nodes are communicating via acoustic wave. Acoustic wave communication allows the sensor network to operate in water. Applications include long-term health monitoring of lakes, rivers, etc to prevent pollution.

Illustrative drawing of an aqueous sensor network used for monitoring lake environment. The nodes (dark blue spheres) communicate with each other acoustically (illustrated by pink connecting lines), enabling communication between distant nodes and base. As illustrated, acoustic wave reflection at the water/air interface requires transmission of network information to base via hardwire across water/air barrier, or to a partially submerged buoy equipped with an acoustic to electromagnetic link.

Magnetic Division

Product #M0007: Permeameter

A device for measuring the relative permeability spectrum of magnetic thin films. This system is designed to operate from 1 MHz to 1 GHz. The Permeameter features a user-friendly software running under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. This allows the capture of the complete permeability spectrum of a magnetic thin film with just a few mouse clicks.

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