how to find out if your food has simple or complex carbohydrates?

how to find out if your food has simple or complex carbohydrates?

how to find out if your food has simple or complex carbohydrates?

how do u find out if the food has simple or complex carbohydrates from the nutrition label? best answer will be awarded 10 pts

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it doesnt say on the label

look it up on the net to get a better list

Total Carbs minus Sugar = complex carbs

You can’t really. But you know simple carbs are sugars and complex carbs are starches. That’s a great simplification, but close enough.

So the label gives a number for carbs. You subtract the number for fiber, and that gives you -effective- carbs. Then the label usually has a number for sugars, so that is the simple carbs and what’s left over is complex carbs.

Check for fiber content. High fiber= complex carbohydrates

Good- whole grains, veggies, brown rice

bad- white flour, sugar, white rice

simple carbs will be listed as Sugar.

Undigestable complex carbs will be listed as fiber.

The total amount of carbs will just be listed as carbohydrates.

Complex carbs are usually rice and pasta and things like that and simple carbs are sugars and other quick digesting carbs. Just see if the ingredients list has a lot of sugars

* If it is raw (acceptions are white potatoes, they don’t have enough fiber and raw carrots are complex, cooked carrots are not. )

* Foods closest to their natural state (Sprouted bread but not whole wheat processed breads)

* Anything that has a label is not complex carbohydrates, it is processed, and an absolute no no to buy.

* Spend all of your time at the produce isle for all foods that are of complex carbohydrates.

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