How to Choosing Mosquito Human Blood

How to Choosing Mosquito Human Blood

Dengue fever and malaria are examples of diseases
danger caused by mosquitoes. Apparently mosquitoes so choose someone who will dimangsanya. How do mosquitoes choose their victims?

In one study, an expert entomologist conducting research to determine whether this little vampire or just choose their victims indiscriminately sucking blood.

Results from these studies indicate that mosquitoes pick a victim, whose blood will be inhaled. Mosquitoes pick the human odor that smelled that delicious-smelling acid and cholesterol.

“Mosquitoes use odor to sort out where people are interesting and people who are not interesting to discover which one is more delicious blood for them,” explained Jerry Butler, entimologi from the University of Florida, as reported by CNN search, Tuesday (09/21/2010).

Butler explains, the mosquito has evolved and survived, even with rapid development. Mosquitoes has the capability to select the best prey for inhaled blood, ie with a sharp sense of smell.

Man will be inviting mosquitoes even from afar and only smell her breath. When people exhale carbon dioxide and other odors mix to produce a signal that moves through the air.

These signals can act as a dinner bell and let the blood of mosquitoes that there is good food.

According to Butler’s, mosquitoes fly with zigzag patterns. Then this little insect colonies will find the center of the smell in the air by relying on vision and heat sensors.

From studies conducted Butler is known that mosquitoes actually need cholesterol and B vitamins, but the little vampires are not able to create your own.

“Therefore, the mosquito will find prey that is rich in these sources. Bau-odors such as lactic acid and uric acid is very attractive to mosquitoes,” explained Butler.

Butler said, the materials used to soften and smooth the skin can be a powerful bait for mosquitoes. In fact, the material in certain cosmetics can be very attractive to mosquitoes.

In addition, some specific drugs like heart medications, blood pressure and high cholesterol is also a magnet to attract mosquitoes.