Vitamin supplements for girls?

Vitamin supplements for girls?

My family and I are going healthy, and I need names of vitamin, herbal and nutrition supplements. I, apparently, lack the following vitamins:

A, B, E, K,. I also need more Iron, Zinc, and omega three fish oil.

I understand there is a vitamin specifically designed for teens. If you could provide a name I would be thankful. I am thirteen by the way.

Also, what diet would you recommend I follow? Or exercise plan.

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instead of vitamins and supplements, why not eat the REAL DEAL. . . eat more vegetables, fruits, and fish. . . there is no better way to get the right vitamins then by eating them directly from where they come from!!!

if your serious about going healthy, and looking for some good vitamins / supplements, then maybe this will help: http://skanda. qhealthzone. com/products/product. aspx?itemno=A0244

It’s organic vitamins / minerals / phytonutrients (plant concentrates) all in one. I’ve been taking them for a while, and they really help!

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