Golf Tips – How to Survive The Heat

I played an afternoon round yesterday and the temperature was 108 degrees…Really. I didn’t exactly tear the course up, but that was because I haven’t had much time to practice lately, not because of the heat.

I wanted to share a tip that will help you play in the heat. I live in Texas, and as you may know, we’ve had a bit of a hot spell this summer (!) We missed the all-time record for consecutive days above 100 degrees by one day and that day it was 99 degrees because of cloud cover. The next day, it promptly got back over 100. I’m not sure of the exact number, but I know we’ve had at least 35 out of 36 days above 100 degrees. This means that in order to play golf in Texas, you had better be able to deal with the heat.

I’ve been an avid cyclist since 2004. I use my cycling to stay in shape for golf. Through cycling I came to understand a lot more about how my body deals with the heat. Obviously, you need to drink fluids while riding or playing golf.

Many think that golf is a game and not a sport. To those people I say one thing: come play a round with me and walk 18 holes in the Texas heat. They’ll quickly understand that this is a physical game and that your fitness level affects your score.

With my rant over, I wanted to tell you about a product that I came to know through my cycling. I’ve used it for years and swear by them – Electrolyte Stamina Tablets. I found them through cycling, but I LOVE them for golf!

They have trace minerals and all the stuff you lose when you sweat. There are no stimulants like caffeine, so don’t be put off by the ‘stamina’ in the name. These are partly responsible for me winning my flight in our club championship this past July. I watched my competitors fade on the back 9 while I finished strong. They were all huffing and puffing when they bent over and spent a lot of the back 9 complaining about the heat.

Sports Drinks also have electrolytes to help replenish what you lose through sweat and to help avoid cramping; they just don’t have enough. Under the heavy stress of exercise in extreme heat, your body needs more.

When I’m riding my bike, I take 3 tablets every 45 – 60 mins and drink water and sports drinks. For golf, I take 3 when I start warming up (1 hour before my tee time), 3 when I start the round, 3 at the turn and 3 when I’m done. I urge you to check them out. Along with the Electrolyte Stamina Tablets, I drink one sports drink per side and slam as much water as I can find on the course. Even doing this, I lost almost 5 pounds of water weight in yesterday’s round.

For those that don’t know, you can tell how well you’re hydrating by weighing yourself before and after exertion in the heat. If you’ve hydrated properly, you should weigh about the same as when you started.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to this company other than being a long time fan and user of the product. I throw this out as what I hope will be another useful tip to improve your golf game along with your enjoyment of our amazing game. Here is a link for more information: Electrolyte Stamina Tablets.


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