Natural remedy to soothe sore or cracked pads and promote healthy paws in cats and dogs.

About your pet’s paws and pads

Your dog or cat may often walk over rocks, soil, thorns and snow even if they are confined to your yard. Unlike us humans, our pets don’t have foot-protection in the form of shoes and although their paws and paw-pads are much tougher than our feet, they do sometimes suffer from cuts, wounds, bruising, cracks and even burns. You should check and care for your pets’ paws regularly to treat any injuries and prevent infections. Because your pet’s paws can take quite a battering at the best of times, it is important to support and strengthen the health of the paws and keep them in tip top condition.

The natural way

There is a lot you can do to keep your pet’s paws in good condition. Try these paw protecting tips:

  • Check your pet’s paws regularly. Remember to look in between their toes to check for grass seeds and trim excess fur away between the pads to preventing matting of the fur
  • Keep your pet’s nails short and pay special attention to your dog’s dew claws that can hook and tear if allowed to get too long
  • Healthy paws and nails are a sign of general good health so if your pet has ongoing problems with their paws, look closely at their lifestyle and consider a change in diet or more exercise
  • Every pet will benefit from regular dosing with Immunity and Liver Support™. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

What is PawPaw?

PawPaw is a 100% natural topical preparation which contains a blend of natural, soothing and conditioning ingredients in an olive oil base to effectively condition the paws and pads and keep them healthy and strong.

Prior cleansing with Clenzor is recommended.

How has PawPaw helped others?

“My family lives on a farm and we have always loved to have dogs who can roam around freely on our property as well as keep us company in our home. For all the years, we have had a problem with thorns and sharp stones etc. getting stuck in our dogs’ paws. ….. A few months ago I was searching for some type of natural, …ointment on the internet and came across your site. I ordered the Clenzor and PawPaw products and have since implemented a routine of “paw care” for all of our dogs every evening. Each dog’s paws get cleaned and checked for any small objects … and PawPaw is applied ……. Since doing this we have not had a single problem with our pets’ paws and they have been running around carefree on the farm- just the way we love to see them! Thank you PetAlive!”

—Kate P.

“Your PawPaw formula has been just the thing for my cat Topsy’s …paws! He is the adventurous type and …PawPaw has been very effective…”


How long until I see results?

Soothing effects will be immediate. With regular use over several days, conditioning of the paw and pad will become evident.

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