Raw Food Retreats – Offering The Sense Of Freedom


Retreats have been happening for a long time, the sense of freedom away from your everyday life can provide relaxation and can be the ideal solution for releasing pent up stress and anxiety. This time is a great opportunity and ideal time to implement a change in lifestyle.

4 Reasons Why You should Be Considering A Break Away:

Re-establish your legacy.

With most people becoming overwhelmed with everyday living, there can be times where life just seems to run away without action planning or knowing what you set out to achieve. A legacy or legacy planning reigns in your thoughts about your future and sets your conscious mind on a strategy to identify those opportunities that best suit that legacy. Effectively like your very own road map – the more direction you offer the mind the greater your chances of achieving it.

Detox your immune system

Nutrition is key to the overall improvement of your life, within most retreats you will benefit from the expert advice and demonstrations of a chef specialising in nutrition and wellbeing. Juices and raw food diets will often represent the best form of detox, removing any processed foods and regular high fat diets. You’ll also likely experience a well thought out diet plan that will progressively remove the toxins from your body without the lethargic feeling usually experienced with diet adjustment.

Understand a better way of living

Education is massively important to an overall better way of life, nutrition, fitness and overall lifestyle change can be demonstrated within just a few days when you have experts on hand to answer all of your questions. Retreats aren’t about sitting in sun, thinking about the evenings meal, but more interactive and solution driven.

Release any stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can take many forms, therefore a few days of meditation, massage and guided relaxation can massively demonstrate the effectiveness of these short retreats. Just a few hours per day of well thought out relaxation can reduce stress levels by up to 50%, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to make those well-adjusted changes to your everyday life.

Retreats are more than a short break away in an exotic location but more about the furthering and enhancement of your ability to function at your peak. There is no set guidance on who should attend these retreats as all can benefit. If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety or just need some time away to give your body a rest-bite then consider a retreat that offers you the solution you need.

Our chosen luxury retreats are Innova Retreats based in Portugal, they offer the perfect solution for those requiring the overall package. Offering a raw food diet, fitness classes and daily juices, led by industry professionals, there is no better choice.

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