What is lactobacillus probiotics? Is it the only probiotic you need?

Lactobacillus probiotics is only one strain of probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria. They protect us against bad bacteria, yeast, parasites and viruses. Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide. This helps set up an environment in which bad organisms can’t thrive. It also aids in the digestion of proteins which B vitamins and enzymes are also produced. We should have 85% of good living organisms and 15% of the bad. Most people are in reverse today. The bottom line here is that acidophilus is good for us but alone won’t give us all the protection or balance in the digestive system that we need. Our digestive systems need several strains of good bacteria. You also need to learn more about SBO’s and why we need them in our probiotics also. This makes a powerful combination so Click on the next link to learn this info.

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Now find out why alkalizing is so important to your overall health. click on the next link.


Remember to not take probiotics and antibiotics together. Be sure to take probiotics afterward taking antibiotics if you really need to take antibiotics. Avoid them if you can because they kill both good and bad bacteria and set up a bad environment. You can get Candida from this situation. If you don’t understand What Candida is or need help with this problem so go the next link. Look at a picture of Candida.

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