What is your cat eating?

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October 21, 2013 By joint Leave a Comment All parents are the same. They want to make sure that their children grow up to be healthy and strong. This generally includes having a healthy diet and exercise. That doesn’t change when your child happens to be a cat. Many people think of their cats as children and parts of their family, so naturally they want the best for them. But many wonder what type of diet is the best for their feline children.

Selecting a diet for your cat can be as unique as you are and there are several ways to feed your cat. If you are a vegetarian you may decide to put your cat on a vegan diet. Although this is controversial and new concepts creating a vegan diet for your feline companion is possible.

As with humans, there are vitamins and minerals contained in meats that are necessary for your cat health. Make sure that cats’ diet includes sufficient amounts of vitamin A, taurine and arachidonic acid. These are essentials vitamins and minerals for a cat. Without them, cats can develop intestinal, reproductive, skin and bone problems. In addition, cats can have problems or lose their sight and hearing. The best way to make sure that your cat is getting these vitamins is to ask your Edmond, OK veterinarian for them or buy them from your local pet shop. Another way is to read the labels of the cat food you are buying. Just like human food, the labels on cat food gives you all of the nutritional information you need to make sure that you are feeding your cat what it needs.

Having a happy cat doesn’t mean that it has to go vegan. You can also create a healthy diet for your cat that includes meat.

Going to the grocery or pet store, you may have noticed there are several selections of cat foods to choose from. But remember, that a well-balanced cat diet contains not only meat, but vegetables and vitamins. So make sure all of these ingredients are in your cat’s food.

Read food labels, making sure that chicken by-products or glutton are not the main or first ingredient listed. This can cause your cat to gain weight quickly, causing them to become obese. Obesity can cause several health problems including heart attacks. Over feeding your cat can also let to obesity so make sure that you feed your cat the recommended daily amounts of food as described on the label and go easy on the cat treats. Make sure that there is also a clean bowl of water to keep your cat hydrated.

Deciding on the right diet for your cat is an important decision but doesn’t have to be a complex one. Not all cats are finicky but even if they are choose a diet that contains healthy ingredients as well as the right amount of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your cat is not only fit but happy as well.

For comprehensive evaluation and dietary advice, visit the Family Pet Hospital in Edmond, OK. We provide veterinarian service for the Oklahoma City metro and make sure your pets are healthy so you can enjoy many, many years with them.

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